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Jack has just seen his Dad for the first time in six months…

…in a Child Contact Centre supported by the National Association of Child.





































Why use

Child Contact Centres?

From a child…

“When Mum and Dad split up I was glad. The rowing stopped and Mum did not cry anymore. After a while though I began to miss my Dad. When I asked Mum she said it was best that I did not see him, as she didn’t want him coming to the house.

Dad must have missed me too because he went to a solicitor who arranged for us to meet at a Child Contact Centre.

We have been meeting there for about six months and I always look forward to Saturday afternoons.”

From a mum…

“The Contact Centre has enabled me to have regular visits with my  daughter. It is a very friendly a really good caring environment”.

From a dad…

“I was shown into the hall…

suddenly the boys came running to me, their arms open, both shouting


Big hugs for each one. It was like a rugby scrum only for once I was crying. They had not forgotten me.”

Online referral form

To be able to attend the Melton Mowbray Child Contact Centre, you will either need to have your solictor, Cafcass, court appointed representative or fill in the Self Referral form yourself please click on to the link below.

After filling the form in click on submit and the Child Contact Centre will endeavour to contact you with the first available date. 

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