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DBS Checks 



All of our voluteers must undertake a DBS check to ensure their suitability to work with both children & volunerable adults.


As a centre we have a rigourous volunteer training programme, all volunteers must complete the training offered every six months which includes the following areas.

  • Safeguarding

  • Induction for new volunteers

  • Fire Evacuation Training

  • Family Breakdown
    Encouraging positive contact-working with dads

  • Substance abuse

  • Managing conflict

  • Managing reluctant family members

  • Family Breakdown

  • Health & Safety Risk Assessment

  • Domestic violence & abuse 

  • Family Risk assessment


All volunteers offer their time on a voluntary basis, we ask that all centre users treat our volunteer teams with respect, if you have a problem please speak with the team leader or phone our co ordinator who will assist and investigate  as necessary.  


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